The Crown of a King

The Crown of a King

All About the Rotating Wall Pad

Rotating Wall Pad


Why the Rotating Wall Pad and Innovative Top Cap on the Little Giant® King Kombo™ are Such Game-Changers

If you’ve been following Little Giant Ladders® for a while, especially on our social media, you have likely heard about our King Kombo™ ladder. Some have wondered why we are so enthusiastic about this ladder, and really, there are lots of reasons, but one of the biggest is the King Kombo’s rotating wall pad.

The rotating wall pad is more than meets the eye. When paired with the King Kombo's sleek yet functional design, this lightweight ladder becomes a powerhouse full of possibilities.

Leaning Ladders

If you work professionally on industrial job sites, you probably have been told countless times that you aren’t allowed to use a stepladder as a leaning ladder. Still, despite the rules that are in place, it is well known that many pros and DIYers still use their stepladders in a leaning position. Seeing this, we knew something had to be done. Rather than taking on the challenge of changing the culture of ladder use we decided to just change the ladder instead. We embraced the challenge and put our best minds to work. The Result... The King Kombo was born.

The King Kombo is an OSHA-compliant stepladder, extension ladder and leaning ladder. The leg-locking mechanism paired with a high-grip surface has made it safe to use in all three configurations. But we didn’t just stop by enabling the King Kombo to lean on a flat surface; we did a whole lot more.

Little Giant Rotating Wall Pad

Inside and Outside Corners

We know that your projects aren’t limited to easy-to-reach surfaces. If you often find yourself needing to get closer to your work, especially around corners, the King Kombo is going to be your new favorite tool. The King Kombo features an innovative rotating wall pad, which gets you closer to those hard-to-reach areas by leaning on inside and outside corners, walls, poles and studs. With its non-marring pads, you work care free without worrying about damaging fragile surfaces, like paint, siding, paneling, etc.

2x4 Studs and Poles

The rotating wall pad also features a heavy-duty stud gripper, which makes it safe and easy for you to securely lean your ladder onto 2x4 studs. Plus, the angled, non-slip surface allows you to set up the King Kombo on poles. Say goodbye to that frustrating and dangerous ladder-wobble experience.

The Top Cap

When you’re working at the top of a ladder, the last thing you want is to have to repeatedly climb up and down to grab all of your tools. Instead, simplify your process by using the King Kombo’s integrated tool tray top cap. With its slots, trays and areas for hooks, you can keep a variety of tools at hand, like:

  • Hammers
  • Drills
  • Screwdrivers
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Cans of paint

The top cap is great for tools, and when used in the extension ladder configuration, can be used as a sturdy and comfortable standing surface.

Get Stuff Done

It doesn’t matter who you are or how you typically use your ladder, the King Kombo has the versatility needed to make you a project-accomplishing hero. So, if you want to get things done quickly and efficiently or if you want to own an elite, top-of-the-line ladder, the King Kombo is the one to choose. The rotating wall pad and innovative top cap are only a couple of features that make this the pinnacle of ladder technology. There is so much more to experience on a King Kombo. Learn more or buy it now here.

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