Photo of Tip & Glide Wheels for Ladders Photo of Tip & Glide Wheels for Ladders

Tip & Glide Wheels for Ladders

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Product #: 10940

Tip & Glide Wheels

  • Tip & Glide Wheels for Ladders
  • Tip & Glide Wheels for Ladders Specs

    Weight Capacity None
    Warranty 1-Year
    Model Number 10940
    90° Position No
    ANSI Duty Rating None
    Country of Origin China
    Feet None
    Product Weight 0.7 lb
    Product Material Plastic
    Palm & Hinge Lock System None
    Ship length 7 in
    Ship Width 7 in
    Ship Height 4.5 in
    Spreader System None
    Tip & Glide Wheels™ No
    V-Bar No
    Ratchet Levelers No
    Ground Cue No
    Air Deck Ports No
    Claw No
    Scaffolding Position No
  • What’s the difference between model size and extension height?

    You may have noticed that our model sizing is taller than the actual extension height of any telescoping Little Giant ladder. This is due to the requirements of US ladder standards, published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI): A14.2 for aluminum ladders and A14.5 for fiberglass ladders. These standards dictate that ladder model size should be displayed as the total rail length of each section of a ladder. All US manufacturers use the same sizing system in order to comply with ANSI. Extension ladders, articulating ladders and other multipurpose ladders often have multiple sections, so the ANSI-compliant size is the sum of the lengths of each section, not the actual maximum extended height. Please refer to the individual ladder’s instruction manual for details on maximum working length, highest standing level and maximum reach. We’ve described a few of these measurements in detail below.

  • What is maximum working length?

    The final locks on any telescoping ladder sections will adhere to ANSI requirements, meaning there will be an appropriately sized overlap between inner and outer railing when fully extended. The maximum working length is the length of the ladder at its final locked extension length.

  • What is highest standing level?

    Depending on the ladder and configuration, ANSI standards dictate that certain rungs (such as the ladder top cap or top step of an A-frame ladder) should not be used as a step. The highest standing level takes those standards into consideration and measures the highest ANSI-approved standing rung when the ladder is extended to maximum working length.

  • What is maximum reach?

    Maximum reach (or “max reach”) is the combination of the ladder’s highest standing level and a common user’s reach height. The reach height addition is based on a 5'6" [1.68 m] person with a 12" [30 cm] vertical reach. The term is used in ladder merchandising throughout the climbing solutions industry to help users quickly comprehend which projects are compatible with which ladders.

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